Web Design Process 

Throughout each Jackson MS web design project, large or small, the number of moving parts can be overwhelming. With that in mind, Barndance Creative averts potential issues by utilizing proper planning and organization from the start. I foster project success by aligning the needs and expectations of all parties involved through a process developed with transparency at it's core.

Much like the logo design process, Barndance Creative has developed a streamlined web design process to ensure project success.

Stage 1: Discovery  


Don't mistake this for a casual brainstorming session. It is much more than just an exchange of market knowledge, ideas and information. The discovery sets the tone for the entire process. At the end of the day we will have established the groundwork from which we can move forward. This stage involves project scope, business goals, defining your customer and competition, technology integration, expected deliverables, project timeframe, project cost and budget. 

Stage 2: Organization and Content Design  


At this point we have clearly defined the project variables, and a common vision is shared by all parties involved. Now it's time to get our hands dirty. We will begin the design process by tackling the most critical piece of the puzzle. Content.

The majority of small to mid-sized business websites exist to provide information about a product or service, or to increase competitive advantage in a diluted market. Content for this type of site is dependent on thorough, well written copy.

Your business may have the need to showcase a portfolio, create a blogging platform, or want the ability to sell products online. Content for an e-commerce site consists primarily of images, descriptions, price structure and variants for multiple products designed to provide effortless selection and purchasing of your product.  

Barndance Creative utilizes content as the focal point of web design, then develops visual elements to accent the content structure. This is increasingly effective, as search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) continue to place value on quality content above all other website attributes. 

This stage involves intensive research, copywriting, incorporation of existing data and information, establishing a call-to-action hierarchy, navigation, and site map development. This is the nuts and bolts of the User Experience... we will take our time to perfect every aspect of this stage.

Stage 3: Visual Design and Website Development 


The focus is now shifted to the visual elements of the website. Upon approval of the layout, you will be given a secure link to follow along as the web design and development progresses, giving you the opportunity to review and request changes or additions in real-time. This stage involves integrating business identity elements, aesthetic design, e-commerce development, blog design, customizing social media links, buttons, and inbound media displays... and any other attributes needed to bring your project to life.

Stage 4: Launch  


Upon completion of web design and development, we will dedicate a period of time for in-depth functional testing. Then HEY, guess what? Remember back in Stage 3 when you were able to approve and make changes throughout the development process? Well... that's it. Your site is live. Get back to work.

Stage 5: Training and Maintenance  


This will vary based on the scope of your project. If you are worried or have questions about sustaining your website long-term, you can stop... because this is one of those things we agreed on back in Stage 1.  Our agreement in Stage 1 means either I am about to provide you and your staff the proper training needed to move forward with full control of your site... OR ... you are so impressed with how smooth the design process went, you would rather just let Barndance manage things moving forward.