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Client Review: U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

"I’ve known and worked with Travis for many years. He is passionate about his work and provides not only a good final product, but also offers the rare quality of professionalism in his appearance, speech and writing. He works to understand my business, making no assumptions, and applies his knowledge and skills to best suit our needs.  Best of all, he keeps us fully aware of where we stand throughout the build process, and patiently responds to our questions and wonderings. Due to these and many other of Travis Bogue’s qualities, I can wholeheartedly recommend the work of Barndance Creative."
Roger Barlow
President, The Catfish Institute

Client Review: Deerfield Golf Club

"Barndance is at the forefront of creative marketing, and Travis goes well beyond innovative ideas to help grow your business. Professional photography and videography, creative brand building, and effective business mentorship are just a few of the many ways Barndance Creative can help your business pull away from the ordinary."
Trey Denton
Partner, Deerfield Golf Club

Who are my clients?

I've been involved with the design and digital marketing industries long enough to know the underlying issues responsible for the chaos associated with hiring a designer or agency to fulfill the marketing and communications needs of your business. If you are in need of brand identity, a web designer, or looking for options to enhance your current online presence, you most likely fall into one of three client categories that I consider to be my ideal customers.

1. The Startup

Congrats! You just started a new business. Depending on the scope of your business, you are either

(a) about to begin pitching to investors for the capital needed to become operational,

(b) you have all of your ducks in a row and are searching for a creative resource that can deliver your corporate identity and the digital neccessities required for your business to survive, or

(c) you have a business plan, LLC, and a tight budget. You understand the importance of cohesive strategy and quality design, as they pertain to your future brand, but you don't have the resources available to spend the kind of money it takes to make noise in today's diluted digital marketplace. 

2. The Hostage

The hostage is a very common client. Symptoms of a hostage situation:

(a) You hired a designer/agency to do work that was never done.

(b) You hired a designer/agency to do work that was done, but done wrong, and after wasting valuable time as well as the budget allocated for the project, you are expected to pay the remaining balance for a final product that you don't even want... or,

(c) Your website, social media business pages, hosting, etc. has been locked down because of an outstanding balance owed to your current or previous designer/agency.

3. The Land-liner

Hey there, established business! You were a local pioneer in your corner of the market and have experienced continued success when others have failed, because of your physical presence in the community.

You had a website designed a while back, but you never truly understood the impact that digital media would have on the future of your business....

You have been able to retain your loyal customers, but you are experiencing increased competition from e-commerce alternatives and mobile-savy local businesses.


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With a transparent, educational and research-driven approach to business marketing in Jackson MS, Barndance Creative develops brand strategies and marketing campaigns with your customer and your business objectives in mind. If you are looking for a marketing resource capable of tailoring a direct message for a targeted audience, call me at 662.719.5386 today, and let’s get started.


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